A big welcome to Alex as my guest on the author spotlight.

Meeting Alex was super and great to find another author living in Kent, we only have the best down here! Here are the questions I put to her and also the winning question from Kathryn.

Did you write as a child? Yes, I used to write short radio plays and then record them on my granddad’s old tape recorder. 

Do you ask a friend or family member to read your draft before you send it off to publisher/agent? No, never. My editor and agent are the first people to read my new books.  

How long does it take you to write a book? It varies, I’ve written a first draft in two months before but then taken a year to write others.   
Where do you write? Always in my office, I’m too nosey to write in a lovely coffee shop as I’d be forever people watching.  
Do any of your characters resemble people you know? No. Although I did have a character in The Great Village Show say something quite rude which was said to me in real life.  
What bit do you like best, writing or marketing? Writing. Although I love interacting with my readers too and have recently set up a Facebook Book Club so we can all chat together and share our news. 
Have you got ideas for the next book and when will it be published? Yes I have and I’m writing it at the moment for publication in Spring 2019.  
Do you plot it out in chapters or just write? I tend to have an overall story plan and always write the last scene first, but apart from that I just write.  
Do you read through and correct as you write or leave it all to the end? I edit as I go, so each day I read over and tweak what I wrote the day before and then I write on.  
We had a huge response of ONE question for the competition, I am assuming maybe people were away. The question is:
When you start writing a novel do you ever change plot/direction and the idea you started out with became something  completely different, and then do you ever use your old idea for another future book? Yes and no, I once wrote a whole book and then rewrote it into something completely different because it didn’t feel right, but I haven’t used the old idea for another book yet.    
It was sent in by Kathryn Heathcote actually she sent it in twice so really wanted to win the book!
Thank you so much Alex for being in the spotlight.

What do you think?

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