20140126-111938 am.jpg Hearing all the celebrations going on this weekend down under always reminds me of my time there, feeling a bit patriotic as I am an Australian citizen and feel proud of that, it is a great country.

I was only 20 years old with a year old baby and partner the first time I travelled there and as the man at Australia House said to me, “I guess your just tagging along”
I thought I was so grown up making these huge decisions about where I was going to live in the world and bring up my daughter, not realising that without any family it is a very lonely existence. Yes, you make wonderful friends along the way that you will keep forever but it does not make up for the 5 generations of family that you leave behind.

We returned home to the UK with 2 children after a few years and settled for a while but my husband, yes we got married in Brisbane, Australia on a boat on the Brisbane river. He could not settle so of we went back to Australia, this time to Perth and to make new friends, lovely City Perth and I enjoyed living there our house was lovely, girls happy in school and my son was born there.

It was never enough for my husband though, he now wanted to go and live in the bush and not have a mortgage but have land and animals, he did still work as a builder. I never could settle there so then it was of to the coast and another house, all I wanted to do by this time was go home just for a holiday to see all my grandparents and for everyone to meet my son.

That never happened, life became unbearable for many many reasons, after years of moving, rows and unbearable way of living I took my 3 children and a few possessions and travelled back to England on my own. Divorce and single life with 3 children followed and a promise to the girls that when we got our house we would never move again.

20140126-115023 am.jpg I do miss the barbecues and sunshine but you cannot replace family and the bond children get with grandparents, as my children are all Australian a few years ago one of them decided to go back and live there with her daughter. The thought of not seeing them was horrendous and so hard for a mother, grandmother to face. I was lucky as they were only there for six months and her father moved away so they came home to me.

G’day Australia, grab a stubby and get the barby going!


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  1. 26th January 2014 / 4:01 pm

    HI, Nanny Cool. Thanks for the greetings on Australia Day. I came across from Sally Jenkins’ blog to say hello after she mentioned your post.

    Australia Day – I’m an Aussie but I have mixed feelings at the moment, due to the horrendous mistreatment of people seeking refuge here lately. For a glimpse of how Australia treats asylum seekers you might want to have a read of this article from The New York Times. Two brave reporters took the long, dangerous trip on an overcrowded boat from Indonesia.

    It’s a wonderful place to live, though. I do love my country. But I can understand how you would have been unhappy without your extended family.

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