First of all I thought this website was very informative about femdom dating  as I had to do a bit of research for this article, although I must admit I have come across a few men that are submissive with my first thought being yes, lets whip his arse bottom lol. If you have got any ‘control tendencies’ in your genes I think this just brings it out. Or is it the fact that I have been hurt and shit upon by so many blokes I just want to get my own back and hurt someone, with it being not so bad because he is loving that whip. I should just add I have not done this yet!

We are now in an exploring sex world where anything goes if you both are on the same wave length. Many men are coming out of safe relationships wanting to find themselves and experiment, the Bi world is opening up with both sexes trying things out. Is this because we are naturally a bit nosy and think we are missing something or just the fact that it is ok to try all these things?

Wearing your favourite leather trousers takes on a whole new meaning when your partner has got a leather or PVC fetish, while women suit the look of leather trousers a man would have to be a slim build to get away with it. As for the PVC masks are they just to hide the face or is that really a thing? Why wouldn’t you want to see their face? Websites do not answer all your questions!


Then we have the bondage which I feel is a completely different ball game and you have to both be seriously into this type of fantasy. They take strapping you down to a way new level but again it does come down to trust and please make sure you have a safe word and your best mate knows where you are. When you think about strapping a man down with leather straps, masks, collars and leads I’m not sure if that would be classed as fun as it does not look appealing in the photos but the thought of getting your own back and giving him the strap, well, let the beating begin!

I am going to be walking around now wondering who is submissive and who is the dominatrix, they say there are lots in your town and until you get to move in those circles you have no idea what your neighbour is up to. I am so pleased I didn’t see someone I know on this site although after I did the last post a bloke from my town popped up, I wonder if he read my blog?

If your feeling a bit nosy and want to do some research, that’s what I call it then have a look here this will give you lots to think about or make your weekend something to remember! And no my picture is not on here, I was just having a look.





  1. Karen
    19th May 2019 / 6:17 am


  2. 18th May 2019 / 7:53 pm

    I’ll plead the fifth on this one!

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