What a weekend and didn’t the country all come together to support our footballers and they did us proud, just what we needed. From toddlers to pensioners they all watched and cheered, in fact you didn’t have to watch as where ever you was you could hear the cheering when a goal was scored. So now we have to play again Wednesday evening and hopefully we will win and then be in the final on Sunday afternoon, just playing will be enough and to get that far. Our boys are doing good they make a good team and all play really well together. Hark at me writing about football, I don’t even like it but I did watch the end of the match on Saturday and I may, yes really, watch the game Wednesday evening.  As always there were a few that had to spoil the day but considering the amount of alcohol that was drunk it was only the very minority that played up, so that’s good as there really is no need to be stupid standing on cars and falling through bus shelters. I bet there were a few sore heads this morning and how many will be going into work tomorrow and asking for Thursday off? If it all goes well they might as well make next Monday a bank holiday as I am pretty sure not many will work if we win the world cup! Do you remember this song that was played in 1970? I have the single, so I was obviously supporting our boys at ten years old!

Summers like this it’s great to live on the coast, I felt so sorry for people stuck in traffic jams today trying to get to the sea-side, you really needed air con on today in the car.

I had an email this morning from YOSHI, don’t you think these new bags are great, they have bags, purses and glasses case in all their designs and colours. Click on the picture to get to their website and have a look.


I also treated myself to a new thumb ring, these are also called worry rings or fidget rings as you can move the middle bits round and round.


I guess that’s it for a Sunday evening, have a great week everyone.


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