Are you ever too old to date?

Or is it just a state of mind?

I personally think that you are never too old if it is what you want to do, no body can ever tell you not to date because you are old. I feel the problems may occur if you try to dress like your twenty years younger than what you are and believe me there are many that do and I have often wondered why has no one ever told them “you look a bit ridiculous dressed in the same clothes your daughter wears” but I guess each to their own.

How has dating changed over the years? If you are one of the many over 50 dating and still looking for your sole mate, I know we are a bit sad but you got to keep hoping and it’s fun dating, it gets you out the house. Hopefully you get taken for a nice meal as I think the older people certainly know how to treat you for an evening date. It certainly fills your calendar and saves on the food shopping!

Dating when you were younger was very different as the pubs were the place to go but there were so many of them you either had to have one drink in each one so you could have a good look around or wait until a bit later in the evening when everyone ended up at the favourite one at the time. If you were lucky you got a couple of drinks bought for you and then they offered to walk you home, fully expecting a snog at the end. If you liked them you gave them your phone number or if not you gave them the wrong number.

How different things are now  as there are not many pubs so you have to know the popular one and head there after you have had a few drinks indoors. As it gets very expensive if you buy drinks all evening and you very rarely get a drink bought for you. The main aim of the evening appears to just be getting drunk nowadays but if you do happen to meet someone you like they will want to take you home and exchange social media sites.

What age would I rather be dating? Well I like as you can find out so much about the person before you even meet them plus you see photos and even talk on-line if you want to. I think dating now in my 50’s is far safer than what it was years ago plus even now the younger ones still go through dating sites and many of the other social media apps. Dating on-line is the way forward no matter what age you are and most definitely the safest way to go, find out as much as you can and look them up to see what comes to light about them. You can’t go wrong meeting for a coffee during the day which is now the most popular first meeting or date.



What do you think?

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