Today I downloaded the Apple up-grade to iOS 11 on my iPhone and iPad, not very much difference on the phone at the moment but I am liking the iPad changes.  It always takes a while to find and use the changes so I tend to read all the reviews. I usually find with the changes that eventually I probably only end up using a couple of them or after I have finished playing with them and thinking how good they are I then forget about them and just carry on using the basic ones like I always have done.  At least I think to myself that I am keeping up with the youngsters and I sometimes know what the grandchildren are talking about lol.
The control centre that swipes up from the bottom, which I use for the torch mainly but now you can put in there what you use most.  I am looking forward to using the voice memo control as then every time I get an idea I can record it, very good for authors when doing research.  I think I should use Siri more as you can tell her to write things or find things, making life a bit easier especially the calendar so she tells you what you are doing today. You can change her voice, also she will learn what things you like such as music or what news you read and become more personalised to you. Another good one is the magnifier, so useful when reading the small writing on packages.
I think this is one of the best apps and it should be compulsory to use it when driving.
The App store has changed and appears easier to find what you are looking for, although with so many apps available now the choice is huge.  Again I tend to stick with the ones I use, I do have a look sometimes and put them on my phone just to try them out.
Text messages, which we all use so much is also better as you can attach anything from the bottom of the screen, I like that. Also if you are holding your phone in one hand you can move the keys over towards you so you can reach them all, very handy if drinking your morning coffee.
What do you like most about the changes?



  1. 19th October 2017 / 3:46 pm

    I am really liking it, been playing all afternoon lol x

  2. 19th October 2017 / 2:40 pm

    Hi Karen,
    I’ve been waiting to hear that somebody has downloaded iOS 11 before I do.
    Thank you xx

    Sent from my iPhone

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