It was with great pleasure that we welcomed Anthony to one of our author talks, he entertained us all with the art of poetry and some of his own works, which I must say are very good.

Even though there were rules for poetry years ago many are not followed now by some, I always felt a poem had to rhyme but not even that is a rule. Prose and sonnets have their own rules which are followed. I am not sure why poetry has become very isolated as in each piece is original and may or may not have some rules. I feel maybe the art of poetry could be lost if this trend continues.

Large Concrete Structure

The cherry blossom tells us Spring has come

The cherry blossom tells us Spring has come

There are necessary hormones, rising sap

Come, sit beneath the blossom while it lasts


As pretty as a picture you were then

You were as pretty as a picture then

And because you can only think of time as passing

You took a photograph I still possess

But I remember it better than yesterday

I remember it better than I remember yesterday

You beneath the blossom at our picnic

Plump with youth and promise in the Spring

            Here, there is memory and place and no anger

            We knew no anger then

            We had no reason

            Rage came later, for no good reason

            For no reason at all

           But here, there is memory and place and no anger

            There were ponies

            We were dare-devils, climbing trees

            As high as the lowest branch

            And then those shiny boots, the click and clack

            You heard before you saw them

            Then rage had its season


The speed of change comes quickly

The blossom grows, goes quickly

One year the picture of you under the blossom

The next an abstract of something that might be blossom

Your departure not even hinted at

Your presence not even hidden

I look for you in this large concrete structure

I take for a work of art; a structure

That once had use, though no longer;

Not these days. It is labelled Large Concrete Structure

And I admire it more, these days,

Than the lovely cherry blossom in the Spring

By Anthony White

I like to write poetry when I am in the zone and have a book full of my attempts, they would not win any awards but again it is a very personal thing. In fact I probably write more when I am feeling a bit low so many are sad. Maybe that is my way of trying to get rid of the sadness a bit, who knows but like all the great authors and poets say “just keep writing anything”

Please share a verse in the comments of your favourite poem or one you have written yourself.


What do you think?

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