20140721-102759 am-37679475.jpgI had the pleasure of meeting Angela today for coffee and to discuss her just published Novelette in called Homecoming.

20140721-111339 am-40419458.jpgIt’s a sci-fi story that keeps you intrigued until the end and is a must read. I asked Angela some questions and here are her replies.

Where do you get your inspiration from for your stories?
From my life experiences, the people I meet and the questions I ask myself about life. Usually I think about a theme and I allow the plot to form in my mind before starting to write. It can take months before I am ready to write a story, but then the process is quick because I have laid out the whole plot.

How long have you been writing?
Four years, on and off and part time.

Have you got a special place where you do your writing?
Yes, I have occupied half of the dining table for lack of rooms in my flat (as you can see in the photo). I add pictures/paintings to immerse myself deeper in my story, and I remove them when I am done. Also, I find that listening to music gets my creative juices flow.

20140721-110725 am-40045013.jpg

Do you write different genre? If yes, which ones?
I can write poems and plays, but usually to feel satisfied the genre must be sci-fi. I enjoy the freedom it gives me to explore controversial/delicate subjects, or write about episodes of my life without hurting anybody. Recently, I decided to write a story about how I met my husband. It was meant to be a romance, but I turned it into a sci-fi novelette, called Across Space-time, which should be ready within a year. I could not help it.

Can you tell us what Homecoming is about?
Yes, of course.The main character, Shr, is an adventurous and determined soul, who agrees to incarnate as a human being for at least two lifetimes, to have the chance to become part of the ruling class of the Sunnians (inhabitants of the Sun) as an Energy Creation Supervisor. She studies hard to pass the mandatory tests that allow her to progress on her spiritual path, and seeks the fun side in all of her experiences. A little reluctant, Shr agrees to spend part of her eternal life on Earth, and boldly leaves the Sun during the solar storm of 1859, but no training has prepared her to face her new harsh reality.
When Shr least expects it, she is called back home to the Sun. Feeling responsible for the people she should leave behind, Shr decides to risk her career and ignores the oath she had taken before incarnating as a human for the first time, to come back when her time was up. Only when she has completed her mission, she returns home to face a disciplinary hearing.
To her surprise, she finds out that her disobedience has started political unrest and that the Solar Affair Minister, the highest office on the Sun, holds her responsible…….

Do you miss home?
Yes, because I have been away for a year. Luckily my parents have learnt how to use Skype!

Have you published anything else?
I have another short story called A New Beginning that is part of the Folkestone 2014 Anthology. The anthology will be launched at the Book Festival Fringe Event which will be held at Fresh and Easy in November 2014.

Angela has said that she is willing to answer any of your questions relating to her story as she does realise that sci-fi is not to everyone’s taste and some of the wording can be difficult to understand. Add your questions to the comments and I will pass them all on to Angela or you can contact her on
Or on Twitter @aguidolin68
For a taster of Homecoming you can read the first page on her website at



  1. 24th July 2014 / 9:34 pm

    Thanks Gillian! Although I am not planning to go back to the Writing Course any time soon, I hope we can meet up againg soon. X X

  2. 22nd July 2014 / 5:43 pm

    Good questions Nanny – and good answers Angela! Look forward to joining both of you again in Writing Group next term. xx

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