I have got to say you hear about this bdsm dating but I have never really looked into it as just thought there is no way someone is tying me up and leaving me hooked to the bed posts in handcuffs until someone finds me! I think I may have some trust issues going on.

I was asked to write a post about this so following on from my research did you know that a toot fetish is classed as BDSM you learn something everyday! I have had a couple of boy friends that have liked feet, I am not sure what that is all about as the thought of licking or kissing a mans foot would be a turnoff I mean have you seen men’s feet they are horrible and white always white as they have shoes/boots on everyday unless they are a deck-chair seller at the beach of course. Feet are a funny thing but nice brown feet with nail varnish, toe ring and anklets look very nice, not on a man though, just wanted to make sure we are all on the same page there. I do tend to aim for that look and don’t mind if they are admired, maybe kissed but if anyone wanted to suck my toe they would have to go! il_340x270.1496060047_gp84.jpg

Did you read all the Fifty shades of grey books as there was some BDSM in that as the man wanted to tie her up and smack her, his trouble was he wanted to hurt her and I don’t see how pain is a turn on but everyone’s different. I read the books and noticed the mistakes in it and was more interested in what happened rather than what he did.

BDSM covers such a vast assortment of equipment and ideas with role play being very popular as I am sure most women have dressed up in nice underwear or an outfit of some sort. This I would class as normal and not BDSM but hey I can now say I’m into it LOL. To see the range I have picked two photos one I would call a collection that most women have the other is just what you would have if into this pastime.

I can’t say that I find the big black collar nice to look at and it must feel really tight and heavy but then if you had a nice small one like this, which is very popular now to wear out then is that BDSM? So I guess like so many things there are so many variations that you just have to pick what you are happy with.


I joined this site as I had to see what I was writing about, it covers such a wide area from almost nothing to the full monty. No I did not put my picture on there it’s all for research but I have to say there were some nice blokes there. Maybe one day I will write about  My BDSM Hookups  watch this space LOL.


What do you think?

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