As you can see there is an app for this site or you use your search engine, it appears to be getting extremely popular with so many choices of places to stay just about everywhere you could think of also they are doing activity breaks.  
The prices do vary so it is best to have a good look at what is available at your destination and please read the reviews as you get a much better idea of the place.  Also look on the map to make sure you are not miles away from where you want to be and if you need transport then look this up before you book.  
I have stayed in four places so far, which were all very different and offered various choices, I will go through each one.
LIVERPOOL – A double room in a house that let all the rooms so the owner did not live there.  Shared bathroom with rest of house luckily I was not on a time scale or that would have proved difficult first thing in the morning with everyone wanting to use the bathroom, she was in the processs of getting another toilet added.  The kitchen had everything including bread, jams, cereals etc for breakfast, you could use the microwave or oven for cooking an evening meal, you just leave it as it was.  The room had tea and coffee facilities which was good for early morning or late if you fancied a drink.  It was on the bus route into Liverpool.  There was also a little booklet with all the  information you would need about the house and area.  I liked this house as because the owner did not live there you never felt you was intruding.
SPAIN – We had the a one bedroom apartment that was clean, tidy and again with a booklet about the place, could have had the instructions for the air conditioner and washing machine but we figured it out in the end but I guess some wouldn’t. This was close to everything including the night clubs, maybe that could be mentioned but I never heard anything so it was fine.  The owner came to meet us off the airport shuttle bus and the apartment was a minute away from the drop off point.  It was great to have the space and we went shopping so we could cook and eat on the balcony some evenings.  I liked this and felt at ease and comfortable there.
POOLE – This was a double room in a house, actually it was the dining room turned into a bedroom.  This was the only room they let out so the bathroom was upstairs which you shared with the family.  I did feel a bit out of place using the bathroom with all their things on the shelves etc.  The stairs had no carpet so it was very noisy, I guess you could call this house very bohemian.  There were two single beds and one was the bottom of a bunk bed, I chose the other one!  There were tea and coffee facilities but no milk so that was fine if you liked it black.  I must say the lady of the house was very sweet and as she came from the town I lived in we did have a long chat about how it had changed.  I would not stay in a room with shared facilities with the family again.  So this was a learning curve, it was also the cheapest place I could find as I was literally just sleeping there before catching the ferry first thing next morning, so you get what you pay for.
JERSEY – A double bedroom with ensuite, this was upstairs in fact there were two rooms that the couple let out.  Again you had tea and coffee facilities and she also provided milk on the first day but then I bought some as there was a fridge in the room which was ideal as you could have cold drinks and also make yourself some breakfast before you headed out.  The lady was very friendly and popped her head round the door most days to make sure everything was ok, I am a bit of a loner so that was just enough interaction.  I had keys to the front door so I could come and go as I pleased, I then had to walk through her kitchen/family room to the stairs.  I found this very intrusive and really felt uneasy doing this but these were just my feelings, everybody is different so you may not mind this.  It actually made me think about the risks involved in doing this as you are letting strangers have the run of the house if you were out, I could never do this and I did feel uneasy if they were out and the other room was let as I had no idea who was in there!  The room also had all you would need if you took a child with you which is brilliant as you always forget something.
I know I am a very nervous person and I guess I think too much as I was for ever feeling like an intruder, luckily I had told her that I was a writer so I felt ok, well almost ok, staying in the room and doing what I do at home, i.e. writing and reading.  It would have been nice to sit in the garden when it was sunny but again I did not want to intrude.  I would not stay in a place like this again unless the room was more self contained and not part of their house. 
So they are my thoughts about this Airbnb, I hope they have been some help to you if you are thinking of booking as I said you need to do your research and see exactly what is being offered and what your requirements are from where you wish to stay.

Happy holidays  x


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  1. 17th September 2017 / 2:37 pm

    Thanks Karen, very helpful xx
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