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How cool is that, I do not have to do any housework because I am a very good Nanny….I will blow my own trumpet here! Lol.

I got some very good puzzles today for Alfie as he loves dinosaurs and they are 3D and glow in the dark, he was very impressed.

I am going to sing my own praises again as I have sorted the problem with the iPad and iPhone so I am very happy today. I also found out that my friend had got my old laptop working and put a new screen on it, so I can now use that too…..I know I have a new one but I might see if there is a class for Windows 8 as it would be much better if I new what to do. I tried printing a picture last night but could not find a print button anywhere. The best bit, it only cost £30 to fix the old one! I am now going to back everything up everywhere lol. At least I have my stories back so I can get back in the flow of writing, especially as I cannot go out now as I have spent the money on new gadgets!

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I found this photo last night and thought I would share it with you, I took it in the Tower of London last week, I absolutely love stain glass windows. Some can tell a story and look magnificent, one of the houses I owned in Australia had stained glass windows round the front door, I thought it was the best bit of the house. You can get art kits and make your own small ones but I am afraid I have no patience for fiddely things like that.

I saw this picture on FaceBook today, it seems so long ago now that we said goodbye to Woolworth’s, what a great store and I can remember the bargains we all got when they were closing down.

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This post has turned into a bits and bobs post lol. I will finish on something I absolutely love, in fact it is a while since I had some so I might treat myself to some at the weekend. I hope I get lots this year from my plants but think it will be August time before I get them, they look a bit slow but at least this sun shine is helping all the plants get started.

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If you do not fancy the chocolate in them, you can always mash them up and mix with a cheap bottle of fizz, rather nice on a summers evening on the patio. Cheers everyone x


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