4 Ways To Enjoy 2020

The end of the year is looming, it seems to have come around so quickly. Along with making plans for Christmas, your thoughts may well be starting to turn to next year. What will you want your year to look like? Have you already made some plans that you are looking forward to? We are all hoping that next year will be a good year, so we thought that today we would share 4 ways to enjoy 2020, a few suggestions to help you to make the most of it. 

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Go on your travels

Whether you choose to take off in a camper van or book yourself round the world tickets, taking time out to travel will always give you a boost and something to look forward to. 

If your budget allows, make a variety of plans dotted throughout the year. You might have a few day trips, with the odd overnight stay and weekend break thrown in, and maybe one longer holiday at some point. Lots of little trips will give you plenty to look forward to. 

You might take a look Bolsover Cruise Club, you might book a week-long spa break or perhaps it is Disney World that is calling to you. Go for it, have fun with it.     

Learn something

Of course we learn new things all of the time, but we would suggest that next year you plan to learn something new. There are plenty of benefits of learning a new skill, aside from the fact that is enjoyable. 

You could enrol at a local class and take up anything from French to floristry to photography. You might find that you meet new friends there and you could discover a new hobby that you are passionate about. 

Alternatively, there are thousands, of course, available online, from full degrees to little taster sessions. You could pop over to YouTube and learn about anything from puppy training to modern calligraphy at the push of a few buttons. 

Make more time for family and friends

When we are busy, catching up with family and friends can sometimes slip down the priority list a little. We dash off a text to check that they are OK or we spot an update on Facebook so we know they are having a good day. It really isn’t the same, though, so make 2020 the year of spending more time with your loved ones. 

You could start making plans now, booking a few things into your diary and inviting people over or out on adventures. You know that if your year is about spending more time with these people, it is going to be a good one. 

Take breaks

Make sure that you take plenty of breaks for yourself. It can be all too easy these days to feel like we always have to be ‘doing’, and that an unproductive day is a wasted day. 

Do more of whatever helps you to relax and unwind. It might be yoga, it might a good book and a cup of tea or perhaps it’s pottering about in your garden. 

We would suggest that you make 2020 the year of breaks!



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