I attended this workshop in Faversham at the weekend with about twelve other ladies. I was interested in learning a bit more about pulling a memoir together, how long should it be and how much do you prepare the reader for the main point of the story then also the end.

It was a pleasure to meet Marnie, another author from Whitstable who ghost writes memoirs for people unable to do it themselves. I also did mention about the writing group so I will have her on standby for next year to come and give a talk, hopefully by then my current memoir will be finished and I will be onto the main one about my childhood.

Although the workshop was interesting it didn’t help with any of the things I wanted to know also the hour and a half went very quickly. For £15 I would have liked it to be jammed packed with information.

Some liked the mindfulness part of emptying your mind and seeing what came into it to write about but as I cannot see in pictures in my head obviously nothing came to me so I just wrote basic notes about the article we had read about someones memoir.

Four hours of travelling backwards and forwards with the only good thing was meeting Marnie. I was shattered, sore and physically exhausted so by six pm I was asleep in bed and do not feel that much better today.


Time for a nap now


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  1. 18th February 2019 / 2:16 pm

    So sorry that the event didn’t measure up to your expectations, Karen, especially with the tortuous journey.

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