I had the pleasure of lunch here last week, it was a pleasant surprise that once you pass the fish counter which is like a traditional fish and chip shop you then enter the restaurant, which is really nice.

I loved the table layouts and colours while the service is extremely good with a nice atmosphere. The choice is super for a small place with the lunchtime special for cod and chips being £8.50 which is what we had.

It was nice to have a straight forward typed menu as some places appear to be having hand written menus at the moment which I find hard to read, a bit like a doctors handwriting!

The wine list was good, I had the Pink Orchid Zinfandel Rosé which was a nice crisp refreshing wine to have with fish.

Just the right amount of service also the wait for food was timed correct. I am not sure about the dressing on the fish but it gave it a bit of colour. The tartare was homemade with us both devouring all of it. I liked the mushy peas being in a pot as then it is up to you if you have them and where you put them on your plate.


Chips were good, all very hot and I could not wait to get stuck in.

They do desserts but we passed on that as the meal was quiet filling for a lunchtime. When you ask for the bill you get a free little taster which I thought was a nice touch and very european as many places in Spain give you a taster or a shot.


I was really impressed by The Fish Basket and will definitely be going back, I may even suggest it to my ladies that lunch, if they could put up with all nine of us for lunch one day.

Happy eating


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