When my bills went up again for about the 3rd time in as many months and I had been away during that time I thought it was time to change.

I researched all the providers and compared results, I ended up with this company and have not regretted it, my bills have gone down! The other advantage is you get £50 credit when you refer someone then they also get £50 so they are in credit before they start. Also it is all renewable electricity so much better.

I have refered two people, I don’t understand why people don’t want to change as its very simple with them doing everything even to the extent that if you are in a contract with another supplier Bulb will pay all your exit fees!

I have my gas and electric with Bulb and I am still in credit for £281.72  What’s not to love about that. Click on this link if you want cheaper bills and be in credit before you start.




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