After a very quiet few days with Lynda I am now travelling up to Benidorm, I know it’s not everybody’s taste but I know the area and have friends there so that is where I am heading today.

Very easy drive up the motorway then on a smaller road so no tolls and it takes about an hour and 15 minutes.

I have booked into a camp site that has just about everything you could possibly want, including free wi-fi and the pitches are flat, so no trying to get it level on those chucks. Lots of English here and Germans.

I have started to write after a good sleep its going to be about 31 the next few days so think I will be doing a bit of sitting round the pool reading.

Had to go buy a hose so I could fill the water tank as mine was not long enough so at least I have it now. Nothing is easy though as after I had filled it up I thought I would have a shower so put the pump on and it then pumped water out under the van!

I went to charge my laptop but the sockets would not work so even though I have a good leisure battery and solar panel there was never an inverter fitted so I have no power in power points. I have had to plug into the electric hook up, more expense and it is a flipping good thing I did not just wild camp as I would have been really stuck. This van will be going back to the dealer as soon as I am home and to be honest this has really spoilt things for me.

Think its time for bed or should I have a drink to drown my sorrows.


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