Wow, some new shops have popped up down The Old High Street, how quick things change when you don’t get out much.

This vintage clothing store looked good and what a great idea, I am sure they will be very popular.

I was sorry this Indian gift shop was closed as looking through the window there appeared to be some unique gifts in there and it is a meditation centre, I bet is popular.

We really needed this sewing and material shop in town so I am sure they will be kept busy, I will have to tell Sylvie about this as she often does patchwork and dressmaking.

This was cards and I didn’t get chance to go inside but I thought the window display was very catching and I liked the sunny yellow colour. Sometimes it feels a bit cold down this road once the sun goes over so I thought this brightened it up.

Then you have the cheery colours of Steep Street coffee-house where sometimes it is hard to find a seat especially when people decide to sit and write a book! Yes they really do and I love it. The food and cakes are very good as well so it is a place I love, just wish I could get there more often.

What are your favourite places in Folkestone and why?


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