I was shocked to discover that Charlie Gallagher is a local Folkestone writer who I had not come across. He has been writing a while and has a few books available on Amazon here.



I was then even more shocked to discover he was a detective in the serious crime division, I don’t think that can be in Folkestone as I was talking to Lisa Cutts and she had not heard of him either, you wait till she reads this and finds he is a policeman too like herself.

Working shifts and married with two children, it is hard to imagine how on earth he finds time to write. His books are very well liked and reviewed but I have not read one yet, I keep looking for them in the charity shops but people obviously keep hold of them as I have not found any. Maybe if I tell him that many authors give me their books to read he may pop one in my letterbox as I also think he lives near me!


Happy reading


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