As you have probably realised I have up-dated my blog so everything is in the one place, this has proved a little bit tedious as some apps and plugins do not work with others but I had the help of the lovely Laura from Blogger 2 WP. Β This is her email if you wish to use her services. laura@blogger2wp.comΒ 


They do everything so quickly and it is definitely the job to be in as people are always going to need websites etc.


So I was expecting my stats to fall a bit with the change over but they have started to build up again now with most like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram having about 100 new subscribers on each. The one that I have lost about 150 people from is Pinterest and I am a bit sad about this as I like that site the best so I pin often and make new boards so I really don’t know why my followers have dropped off but over the next month I am going to try to turn this around so any tips are welcome.


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