Corinne, Lynda and Sylvie stayed at mine Thursday evening, it was warm and sunny so we started in the garden and didn’t go indoors until late. I think we got through a few bottles of Prosseco and rośe wine, with the nibbles going down very well. We had  all sorts of things to add to the Prosseco including strawberry bursts, these were small balls and the Creme de Cassis was very nice in it.

A great evening was had by us all with some feeling a bit delicate the next day. My self and Corinne went up to Little Switzerland for a milkshake and bacon sandwich. The view over towards France is amazing.


I then spent the rest of the afternoon and evening sleeping as was so tired and a bit sore, I think my ribs were hurting because of all the laughing but at least the neighbours did not complain.



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