I really liked this company from the first time I looked on their very clear website, sometimes you just get a feeling that they are going to be good.
I am also running a competition for them so you can win a set of pins, very nice also very popular at the moment.
They have a great assortment of things on their website, these are the pins here.
Enamel Pins
I had to order but the hard part was deciding what to order so in the end I got a few bits for myself and other people.
Most was delivered in a couple of days with emails keeping you up-dated about everything, I am just waiting on the bread board I got for Kara. I thought Reach for the stars was nice for Izzy in her new decorated room. I got a notebook & sketch book and coaster for my camper, a pin for my jacket and the map for my map wall in lounge. Jodie got a notebook and Corinne got the big love coaster. So I treated some family and my friend, very pleased with myself as I got some great bits.
This was all delivered in a very strong cardboard box so no creased corners on anything, I do hate that when you unpack something and its all bent.
So that is another company that I am working with, all the views are mine and true. You can look at their website here.


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