Everything goes in trends and I have heard a lot of people talk about Instagram and Pinterest and how to get more followers. I am not really sure how you do that on Instagram but Pinterest you can make group boards and build up your followers that way. I have not started to do that anywhere but I have got an extra 200 followers on each one this month, so that’s all good. My Facebook and Bloglovin increases a bit every month so I am happy. Not sure what is going on with Twitter only 5 new followers but I do find Twitter hard as you have to be on it a lot, I did try Buffer to do posts but you have to keep giving it an extra post.
My main aim is to increase my blog followers a lot and increase my DA. I sat all last night developing a newsletter on mailchimp but then could not connect it to my blog as I would like to get more of a following through email etc and do giveaways every month from a newsletter.
I have started affiliation with a company and some competitions so it is all going ok. I am planning an author spotlight once a month with a giveaway for one of their books, I am looking forward to that but I have to get this mailchimp sorted.
Hope your month is going well and have a great weekend.


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