Just the title and cover made me want to read this story which was free on Amazon. I started to read this today and have just finished it as once you start this you cannot stop. It is probably the most emotional story I have ever read.
It is hard to believe that this could have even happened but the American court system was not the best years ago. Thank goodness things have changed now and one would hope that nothing like this could happen.
For a father to abuse their own daughter is unthinkable but that is what happens here, as soon as she realises what is happening she thinks the courts will protect them and keep her father away from her…..But they don’t!
For a mother to take her child and run away to keep her safe is a truly wonderful person but the heartache and loss of home and family makes the decision a bit easier to come home. After traveling and living in many different states they come to the end of the road as the FBI are close on their tales and Ben is arrested.
The love from this mother shines out all through this book, even at the beginning when she was young and naive she still loved unconditionally.
The next part of this story is what happens after they give themselves up, I cannot wait to read it. Definitely in my top 3 books of the year.


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