As I am sure many of you know I am a huge fan of Pinterest, you can see my boards here. I think the list’s are great, you always need a list.  I have made some myself, this one is for the books I read and when I have reviewed them everywhere.
I am not a very good sleeper so this will tell me exactly how much sleep I really get, which will be interesting. I have also made a similar one for my moods during each day of the month, lets hope there are some happy faces in there and I have to put the meanings of each colour.
I will do a plan of the garden so hopefully I can keep track of what plants and bulbs there are as I have trouble remembering their names and when they will come into flower. Although last year everything was very late due to the weather we were having.  It might be interesting to do one for our weather for the year.
I am sure I could think of lists for so many things but I would spend half the day filling them all in. It’s nice to start a nice new diary, I have not got a calendar this year as will use my phone and Alexa tells me what’s happening, well I hope she does.
What sort of lists do you use and does everyone still use a diary?
Lets hope for a very organised year.


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