I have a few of Carol’s books featuring DI Robyn Carter and they just seem to get better and better.  The team of police who have to solve a murder get no closer to finding out who did it when there is another murder, no clues as to who did this but a lot who could have committed them.  Robin tries to keep her mind on the job but then an attempted break-in at her house and thinking that she has seen her dead partner all play a big part on her ability to find the killer.  With more murders and being no closer to finding who did it, she relies on her team to pick through the evidence.
Really clever writing as there are a few characters in this story that all intertwine with each other and actually any could be committing these crimes.  I loved this as I do like a good mystery and this really is as you won’t get who did it until towards the end.  Well worth waiting for though as it is a really good story.
I hope carol writes another one in this series as there is still a question mark about her dead boyfriend, is he really dead or is someone playing tricks or is she really imagining all these things?
Lets hope we do not have to wait to long.


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