Thank you Richard for sending me this signed book to review, I really liked it and it was a change to read something a bit lighter after the thrillers I have been reading.  The characters all work well together, the timeline is a good idea split into days, I liked that. Not sure how Jimmy kept quiet about the lottery win but I don’t think he even admitted it to himself really so he just kept on selling cars trying to work it all out in his head.  It makes you realise how something like that can make you question everything in your life at that moment and he really does question everything which leads him to make some bad decisions, will he ever recover from these or is the lottery win to blame for everything in his life going wrong?
The only fault I could find was the ending as I now have to wait for the next book to find out what happens to everyone, so I hope you are not going to take too long to write it Richard and of course I am up for reviewing again, if you would like me to.
You can purchase this  in paperback or Kindle from Amazon here.


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