I eventually got through to Condor ferries, the next available seat was Thursday so I have a wait for a couple of days, not sure what to do as was not expecting to be here. I think I will try to get a bit ahead with my book reviews.  The return journey was available so all good.  I changed my stop over in Poole with no problems and the lady was born in Folkestone so I am sure we will have a good chat Wednesday night when I stay in Poole.  I have not had a reply from the lady in Jersey so I have fingers crossed that she can accommodate these changes or I will be sleeping in the car!
As I booked through Direct ferries they will hopefully give me a refund as these tickets are a lot cheaper but I won’t hold my breath as I am sure there will be some clauses that stop me having my money back.
I also have to change the travel insurance in the morning, hope that does not include anymore dramas.  At least I have two days to chill as everything is packed ready to go.

The seats are like plane travel, I guess the time will go quick and it will be breakfast time so coffee and croissant will be much appreciated.  It’s a relatively new boat so that’s good. I had a quick look at the duty-free and the champagne and Prosecco looks a very nice price.
I am feeling a bit more positive now, I am hoping I can get rid of this chest,throat viral infection before I go and that would make me a very happy Karen.  Really looking forward to going back to the places I went as a child and doing some research for a story to be set in Jersey.
Happy Sunday everyone x



  1. 10th September 2017 / 4:55 pm

    As someone who has experience of dealing with Direct Ferry tickets (ex P&O) , you will probably find that the ticket is not transferable, non changeable and non refundable and Condor won’t be able to amend a Direct Ferry ticket. Although its slightly dearer to book direct with the ferry operator (sometimes only a couple of quid) , you will find them more accommodating, and they can change tickets booked in their system.

    • 10th September 2017 / 5:42 pm

      Thank goodness Condor did change the ticket for me. Not heard from direct yet so will ring them in the morning. Xx

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