I took Alfie to the sci-fi show as there was a Minecraft Zone and that is what he loves, having never been to anything like this before it was an experience for both of us. Arriving in Herne Bay we had to find somewhere to park and then we walked to the event and got in the queue and I must say I have never been in one as long as this but it was the quickest one as they were so well organised even down to searching some bags so it just goes to prove that with good organisation everything flows very quickly.  All the tickets were bought before on-line and you just gave them the print out.
It was amazing from Daleks to Star trek even Pokemon just about everything you could think of including the cars.  I loved the pink Dalek and the cyber man didn’t look as scary as what I remember him when a little girl.  Alfie loved the laser park and killed lots of people also the bouncy castle slides.  The Minecraft Zone was a bit disappointing as it was just a tent full of computers and tv’s with Minecraft on them and Alfie has it on everything at home.  He was very lucky on all the tombola and also got some new packs of Pokemon cards.
We had a nice picnic with lots of characters walking past us and even some of the visitors had dressed up for the day, there was a field, playground and hall full of things to do.  It really was a great day out and one we will remember for a long time.


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