April already, spring has sprung, new shoots are appearing in the garden and the sun is making an appearance some days so all is good here in Kent.  
How many of you are going to get caught with an April fool today?  I love hearing about some of them as they are so ingenious, I can never think of anything like that but I can normally tell when I hear them.  The ones on the news are clever but so far fetched it makes you think that they just cannot be real.
It is the start of the Easter holidays for children here so lots of happy faces all looking forward to a day full of chocolate.  



  1. As a nutritionist I got a kick out of your cute cartoon. Unfortunately that’s how many dieters think nowadays. Everything organic is a diet food, ha! Love that dark chocolate, yum!

  2. 1st April 2017 / 10:57 am

    Happy new month…as well as fool’s day

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