Film night
I went round my daughters a while ago for a film night and we watched Bridget Jones’s Baby and The Girl On The Train.  

Bridget Jones’s Baby – Very good, funny and your typical Bridget that we all know and love. Of course there has to be two men and only one can be the father. The ending surprised me as her books normally leave you wondering but this finishes off with the family wedding so Bridget eventually gets married, who would have guessed.  I will leave to you to see who she chooses.

The Girl On The Train – I have read the book which I loved and it was in my top five books that year. I had read a few reviews about the film with most not being very complimentary but I have to say that I thought the film was great. You could follow it through fine even if you hadn’t read the book. The actress Emily Blunt played a fantastic role as the drunk ex-wife that was worthy of an award in my opinion. This keeps you guessing until almost the end and then it all falls into place very neatly. Great film that you really should watch, in fact I could watch it again as it was so good and I don’t say that very often.


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