I saw this on Pinterest the other day and it got me thinking as to what I had in my car and is that typical of a single woman as I am sure a woman who is a parent would have other things in her car.  So let’s go with a single woman, I have:  sun glasses, tissues, lucky eye charm, chewing gum, small amount of change, phone charger, music lead, pen, blanket, de-icer, smelly things you hang up, wipes, CD’s, dashboard wipes for cleaning and that’s about all.
The only things from the above list I have is the blanket which is just a soft throw in case anyone is cold and my pot of change for the car parks.
I can understand the fire extinguisher and I am surprised they are not standard in cars.  Duct tape!  I don’t think so.
How does this compare with what you have in your car and does a single man have anything the same or different?


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