The school holiday seems to be very short this year as they only broke up a couple of days before christmas eve and now they are back today.  I always enjoyed the holidays when my children were little and I enjoy them even more now I am a Nan.  It is always sad when they start school as I see them so much before then, it always comes as a shock.  Then when they leave primary school and go to secondary school the changes really begin.  So I will look forward to the next holiday at the end of February.
Life is precious, live each day as your last, be happy and do what you want to do; I have read a lot of these types of sentiments over the last few days.  Does the new year give you the push to make the changes in your world or is it just circumstances that all come together at the right time?  I think as there were so many deaths of people in the news last year it does make us all think of our immortality.  We all assume we will live to a ripe old age but with many old people’s homes closing where are we all going to go?  Many of our children will not have the room or even maybe their own home as it is getting harder and harder to get onto the property ladder so then renting a bigger house is not financially viable.  So maybe living until you are 100 is not such a good idea, lets just follow our dreams and be happy. xx


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