21st DECEMBER 2016

The shortest day of the year, I always think it is a time to look forward; Christmas is a few days away so most of the preparations and planning have been completed so now is the time to enjoy in what ever way makes you happy.  A little bit of me time even if it is just closing the door and spending a minute or two more under the water in the shower or starting to read the book that you have been promising yourself for the last hectic few weeks.  I love to think about the days getting longer with Spring and Summer to look forward to and planning the plants that I really want to see in the garden.  The children have finished school so there is no early morning rush, the weather is very mild here in Kent so a walk in the sunshine is still a great option.  Maybe think about those New Year resolutions, are we really going to make the same ones again?  Christmas songs playing in the background no matter what you are doing so you just have to sing along.  So it may be the shortest day but dreams are long and last forever.
Happy Solstice x



      • Grandtrines
        21st December 2016 / 9:39 pm

        You are welcome!

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