1st DECEMBER 2016

The tree is up and the first window is open on the advent calender, also I hear that some naughty elves have been visiting some houses and causing mayhem!
I went to my grandsons assembly this morning, what a super performance featuring all they have learnt about The Rain Forest, including poems and paintings that were fantastic.
I am loving all my houses, getting a good assortment now.  I really need to start wrapping, if I do a bit each day then maybe they will get ribbons and bows on them! or maybe not…..such a bad wrapper.



  1. 1st December 2016 / 7:50 pm

    I too have a colored tree. Mine is aqua blue about the size of yours, but this year we put up the big green tree. I love your white houses! Are they a particular brand, antique, material?

    • 1st December 2016 / 8:07 pm

      The houses are all different, some China, metal and some are lights but candles can go in all of them. Living in a flat you only need a little tree and both girls have big trees at their houses and I will be there a lot of the time. x

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