I have finished this and for an on-line course it was very informative with me learning a lot more about not using automatic on my camera as much.  The lessons are live with you being able to ask as many questions as you need, I also wrote everything down as I find it stays in your head a bit longer.
The tutors were Irish but understandable so that was good although some words I do find really annoying, like ‘tank’ for thank; but that is just me.  Do you have any accents that you find hard to understand?  I have always found it amazing that you sometimes only have to travel along a road for the accent to change.
For a free course I was extremely pleased, you could pay £16 and do a 100 question paper then receive your diploma but I did not bother as I was doing it just for myself to learn about my camera’s dials and switches and I do not need another certificate to prove anything.
Their range of courses is very extensive so have a look if you want to learn a bit more about your job or hobby or even re-training.


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