It was great to see my friend Corinne today, we had a lot to catch up on so we decided to try this new cafe that opened about a month ago.  Extremely clean and tidy and what a lovely friendly welcome, this tea room may be small but everything is homemade and very tasty.
Prices are very competitive with the coffee being made exactly how you request it.  We had a small Quiche with salad that had just come out the oven, the dressing came along side and Corinne decided she wanted all of it, not even waiting for a spoon!  So funny, he then went and got me some; it was the best dressing I have had for ages.  We need that recipe!
You want some salad with that dressing Corinne? lol.
We went on to have a look round a couple of shops then back to mine for tea and cake. Then Corinne stitched up my curtains for me, a very  good day was had by both of us. When we doing that again?


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