I told you about this new magazine a while ago, so thought I would show you a bit more about it as I think it is coming into its own now.  The first thing you notice is the feel of the paper as it is not the thin normal type that magazines usually use, this is thicker and feels so expensive.

I loved this edition as it had so many interesting articles to read and was a few pages thicker than this months.
Mindfulness is the big buzz word at the moment and I must admit to liking a few of their concepts, this was also covered in a good way.
I really liked their creative tips about photography and will be following a few of them myself, I just need to be brave and stop using the automatic button.  It is very easy to fall into a rut with your pictures, I try to take my camera out and have an afternoon just snapping away at things that take my eye.  I also use pictures as a base for some of my writing, I find it a bit more creative in thinking up ideas if linked to something I can see.
If you have any ideas or articles that you think this magazine would be interested in then please send them to the email at the bottom of this post and follow them on social media.


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