The story of a wife living a tormented life by the hands of her husband, I think he is a bit mad as you could call this torture.  Remaining silent so she gives her children a home and family but never realises how it affected them, then the shame of living with the fact that their mother killed their father!
A story that goes through the years in no order, I can understand why Amanda wrote it like this but it is hard to follow as you are shifting through the years finding out things in a muddled order.  This may be just me though as I had to concentrate so I didn’t lose the thread.
I really wanted to know more about the children and their feelings, thoughts and life over the years.  I really wanted them to understand why their mother killed him and how much she protected them.
A super story that kept me gripped all the way through as wanted to know more and more about the wife.  Unexpected events, like the holiday never turn out how you would think so I loved that as never really knew what I was going to read about next.
Great book by Amanda Prowse, looking forward to reading more by this author.


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