The Cloverleaf Series
After reading the first book about Loving Liam and absolutely loving it, I was looking forward to carrying on with Maggie’s Marriage.  I was not disappointed as it is a lovely feel good, happy book.  You know everything will turn out ok in the end but the story keeps you entertained.  
As you get to know the characters you will fall in love with them as they are all so lovely, in fact I feel a bit sad that I am not part of a big family like this that all actually like each other. This could even be made into a TV series as it has all the ingredients to make it a big hit. 
I am now looking forward to the next book which is all about Patrick, I think he is about to find true love without feeling guilty about his late wife.   Definitely a book you have to read, will suit all ages and it will make you feel happy. 
Well done once again Gloria Herrmann


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