Say a big hello to Catherine Burton and Andi Elliot the  proprietors of Lime Bar.  I love it when a new place opens and finds its own little niche in Folkestone and that is exactly what Lime Bar has achieved already, being in The Creative Quarter and almost opposite The Quarter House there is always a buzz with artists.  They are hoping to hold Book events, Poetry evenings and Quiz’s and even if you just want to hang out then this is the place to be as the name is a Jamaican saying for hanging out.



With prices to please every pocket and even Wi-Fi what more could you want.  Entertainment I hear you all say, well yes they even do that so if you want a gig then please pop along and see them.  The place was rocking Saturday evening with a local band.



There is also going to be space on the walls for the local artists of Folkestone to display their works of art.

The atmosphere is warm and friendly and I really love the place already.  They are even having their own little Writing Festival on Thursday evening.

I am sure I will be posting a lot more events for this bar in the future.  I will be ‘hanging out’ here Thursday evening, see you there.



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