Meeting these two last night was an excellent experience as so much of what they were saying I could relate to, there calm voices had all the audience mesmerised and waiting for the next topic.

I have started reading this book and having a hard time putting it down as it is so good.  I love the way Matt writes and tells a story.

I did ask them a question which was, do you think if they changed the name ‘mental‘ to say Brain Health would it get rid of the stigma that is associated with the word mental.  They both didn’t think so as we are now teaching the younger generation to look after their brain so they will learn differently.  I am afraid I am going to disagree with them as I think a change of word will make it all so much more approachable  and talked about more.




So I have another signed book to add to my collection and it goes in my top ten of great books already.


Mental Health is such a scary thing and I think the worse part is that you have no control over it at all.  Yes, there are things you can try for say panic attacks but the actual depression just takes over and has a life of its own in your body.  There is no time factor as to when it appears or even how long it stays with you and that for me was the terrifying part as I could not control it at all.  When I was talking to Matt I told him that I had been discharged from the Mental Health team last Tuesday and he asked how that made me feel?  It is very scary as I feel they have deserted me, but I have a superb network of friends so it’s onward and upwards. Fingers crossed. xx



A fantastic evening and event for The Folkestone Book Festival, I am eagerly waiting for the next talk I am attending on Wednesday.  More to follow.



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