Words written today 912

Total words for National Novel Writing Month 10,855

Not as good as it should be but I am ok with that as I have had a bit of a slow day, very fatigued and bad brain fog so in some ways it is extremely good for me.

I have no plans for tommorow so should be able to get a bit more done.  The bathroom has been decorated and is looking brilliant I am so happy to have it all finished by the lovely Kate.  Pictures next week when I have put the finishing cosmetic touches to it.  

The shopping arrived from Tesco as I did it on-line for the first time, how easy was that and so much easier than it was when on-line shopping first started as I did it then and swore I would never do it again.  He even asked if I wanted him to unpack the bags for me.  Lovely employee and so polite and helpful.

I have finished sorting the bedroom and now have all my shoes, ankle boots and bags under the bed in the storage compartment. It felt so good to see them all.  I just have long boots in the wardrobe, I didn’t tell my friend about them when she decided to count my shoes lol. 

So a busy but productive week, probably why I am so exhausted.  I am off to bed now, have a great weekend and I will be back tommorow. 


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  1. 7th November 2015 / 1:21 pm

    Wow, a shoe factory.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx
    Lol it’s so good, I love it xx

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