I read this while on holiday this year in Corfu and enjoyed it immensely as it’s a nice easy reading rom com, very much a girly book and nothing really unpredictable happens in it.
Freya owns a bridal shop and matches dresses to women and promises happiness which appears to be a very hard thing to predict for the three girls who meet at the shop and become friends. They each have their problems and you begin to wonder why on earth they are getting married. They do each find their own happy ending so all comes good at the end.
Another brilliant book by Milly Johnson and well worth reading if you like girly books.

This I read on holiday as well, I have not read any of Amy’s books before and this was a very different read for me but I must say I enjoyed it very much even though it is very sad. The story follows a woman called Amy who on her travels meets Irish man Eoghan and falls madly in love with him, ending in them marrying within six months. They return home as he is very ill and Amy nurses him which is hard for her as her Dad was ill before she went travelling. The story tells a lot of the illness so may not appeal to everyone but I found it very interesting as not been that close to it. The story follows Amy’s life and all that she feels and her emotions so I imagine some people would be able to relate to her. I won’t say anymore as do not want to spoil it for you. I would recommend it and enjoyed reading it very much.

I got this on my Kindle as I new the author so was looking forward to reading it and I was not disappointed. The story flows well and is of good pace with the characters being very believable. Victoria starts of as a very weak woman but that does change eventually and then the story really hots up. Her husband is not the best and it follows their lives as they change and grow with surprises along the way. You also have Victorias best friend who does not believe in love or is she just frightened? A very good story but at the time I was disappointed with the ending as it left questions unanswered but Carlie is writing the follow on book so all will become clear when you read that. I just wish she would hurry up lol. I encourage you to read it and review it as all new authors need all the encouragement they can get. It is self published and available on amazon.


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