I have been involved in a lot of the workshops and the writing competition this year for the HG Wells Festival. It has been really interesting and I have learnt not only things about him but also about Folkestone as that is where he lived. I was amazed to discover that there used to be another lift at the Sandgate end of the Lees’s and I was told about a short cut down into Sandgate. The house that HG Wells built was amazing for its time and he implemented things that had not been heard of, such as en-suits to all the bedrooms and even a push pedal toilet.

IMG_3192.JPGThere is now a pop up shop in Sandgate high Street dedicated to Wells and it is well worth a visit. He wrote a lot of short stories and that will be the next book I buy as hearing some of the blurb about them they sound very interesting.


IMG_3194.JPG This is definitely somewhere to visit and will be open all winter.


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