The fun started when we arrived at Gatwick airport when Rick walked past the bin and did a double take and pulled out a chandelier! Any ideas why someone would have a chandelier with them at the airport? I believe there could be a story here lol

20140604-070000 pm-68400075.jpgI love the choice of tapas here in Spain and some people’s versions of it are very creative and once again very funny. This looks like French stick, slice of cheese, rasher bacon and a fried egg but no, this is a very tasty specially made tapas just for us!! Extremely funny but not very nice.

20140604-070049 pm-68449126.jpgThe Tapas in the old town was the best, I even tried octopus but thought it was a bit fatty and salty. I just love the anchovies and olives and the meatballs are gorgeous and my favourite.

20140604-070208 pm-68528251.jpgAm I boring you Rick?

20140604-065851 pm-68331786.jpgFor the English who just want typical English food they do accommodate you here in Benidorm but there are not as many English run bars as there used to be. This is from a bar/restaurant down at the harbour.

20140604-065744 pm-68264282.jpg

20140604-065745 pm-68265349.jpgSmall beer and tapas €1.20

20140604-065415 pm-68055603.jpgSlice of pizza €1.30

20140604-065334 pm-68014472.jpgGlass wine from €1 to €2.50 and free nuts.

20140604-065236 pm-67956775.jpgThe Spanish love their music and dancing every night in the hotel.

20140604-065150 pm-67910021.jpgHello Mr Meldrew. Lol

20140604-065108 pm-67868886.jpgThese two make me laugh so much. xx


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