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The time has come round again for the Blogging Awards. I cannot imagine what it must feel like to win something like this and I guess it is a bit like the lottery and I will always be dreaming of winning, BUT you could nominate my blog if you wanted to just by clicking on the link above and filling in this URL for my blog which is:

I have been given many awards that are all on my blog and every single one means the world to me but for me blogging keeps me thinking and the people I have met since starting to write again have been fabulous. I thank you all for reading, for commenting and for following me on my various social media sites. Please drop by my website and say hi or send in a pic for the gallery, I would love to see your Spring gardens or your children’s works of art. If you want to send in your poems or short stories (under 2,000 words) then please do and we will have a little vote for the most entertaining ones.


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