Feeling pretty pleased with myself so thought I would share my news with all you lovely people that read my blog and support me in my aim to publish the books about Nanny Cool.

My friends and grandchildren are loyal supporters and mean so much to me, I could not do it without you all. I have become friends with many of you that read my blog and find that one of the most wonderful things about authors is that everyone is so friendly and helpful. You are special people.

20140205-044100 pm.jpg
I have looked at my stats and I now have 286 people reading my blog! Thank you all so much. xx

20140205-043023 pm.jpg
My Twitter followers are amazing, all 830 of you! Thank you Tweeters.

20140205-043125 pm.jpg
As for FaceBook there are 115 of you loyal friends.

20140205-043145 pm.jpg
Pinterest is getting more followers but I think it needs a bit more advertising to get it out there. I find it so useful for looking up ideas, recipes, gardening in fact just about everything you could think of you will find pictures of on here. I have 49 followers on here.

So I think Nanny Cool has launched herself very well and hopefully more fans will follow, so tell all your friends! Lol

My other news is that I am going to a writing conference in March and have appointments to see two agents, I have everything crossed and am praying they like the idea of Nanny Cool and the stories about her. I will be working very hard on writing till then and also the synopsis. Wish me luck folks.


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