Why do you constantly think about what you are waiting for as that makes the waiting worse, you just need to forget your waiting. Easier said than done, especially when waiting for an event that has no precise time of happening.

My last two grandchildren have been born by booked Caesarian’s and it has been lovely knowing when they were going to arrive and planning for that day. I had forgotten what it was like waiting for the phone call and wanting to ring or text all the time just to ask if there had been any twinges or pains. My son and his partner had a due date last week but still nothing, I don’t see them as much as my girls so don’t want to be a nuisance by keep asking but really, please hurry up little baby I can’t wait to hold you.

This will be my 8th grandchild and me so young!! I would never off dreamt that I would have any let alone 8 as I was an only child. I do think being a grandparent is better than a Mum as you have more time and patience to actually enjoy them without all the day to day worry’s that children bring. They seem to grow up so quick so we have to make the most of every moment. Hopefully I will get the call soon and then celebrate.

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