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What an interesting day and its not over yet, breakfast was a very chatty affair which was followed by a course on short story writing by Sue Moorcroft What a brilliant writer, teacher, lovely person. I bought a couple of her books ‘Love & Freedom’ and ‘How to make money writing romantic fiction’ By the time I go home I will have so many books, ideas and articles to write I will not know where to start!

Lunch and then a talk in the lecture room about public speaking or it could be applied to teaching or just giving a small talk about what you do as a writer. The man next to me closed his eyes so I gave him a nudge!

Afternoon tea was followed by a brilliant talk about selling articles and how to pitch your idea. Elaine Everest was absolutely wonderful, what a lot of good ideas, I now have to go home and write about all the thoughts and ideas I have in my head. Maybe there will be payment for what I write! The people here are so helpful and full of advise for you, I am so pleased I decided to come here and the sun is shining!

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