What a lovely day it’s been, I have spent all day in the garden doing a bit of work and a lot of sitting down. You cannot work too hard on a bank holiday! I have planted lots of flowers and I have planted my vegetables in pots with copper tape round them this year so hopefully the slugs will……..go away I think is the polite term. Cleaned my little greenhouse out so that looks better, I am going to get some sticky back plastic we used to call it, you can get it in hardware shops. I am going to cover some of my pots, big and small so they look a bit prettier in the greenhouse or dotted round the garden. I think I will get some little tubs of paint and get the grandchildren to paint some too as it will brighten up dull brown or black pots. I have a couple of old tyres that I have sprayed pink and going to put Lavender in one and I thought Lilly of The Valley in the other one. All my herbs are by the door so easy to get at all year. I think I will get some purple pansies in the week as I only seem to have one pot of those and they look nice and cheerful.

I saw this picture in my gardening magazine and just had to put on here! What a lovely plant.

20130506-102214 PM.jpg

Lets hope the sun keeps shining all week, mind you I am pretty tired after being out side all day. I cannot wait until I have got a couple of the big jobs I want done out there as then it will be on the way to looking really nice. Hope you all had a good Bank Holiday Weekend, what was your best bit of the weekend?


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